2010, Part 2

2010 will finish a very different year than it began.

I have been working hard to relocate my life to Berks County. This is a long and difficult process. Though I didn’t live in Bethlehem long, about 5 years, it felt like home. I had a job I loved, deep friendships, and a strong spiritual community both in my yoga sangha and my Jewish congregation.

But now I have David which tops it all. And I have a job I love, teaching theatre and creativity to youth in the city who wouldn’t ordinarily have the chance (and running the religious school, and teaching yoga…). I am developing strong, real friendships. And I will hopefully continue to develop my spiritual community here.

The biggest change is the upcoming addition to our family, current called Raspberry Spatula Graff (which may or may not be explained in a future post). At the end of this year or the beginning of next, I will have a baby. I’ve been reading Ina May Gaskin’s Guide to Childbirth. I have found a cozy and welcoming Birthing Center where I plan to give birth to Raspberry (but who knows what plans Raspberry has…). My yoga practiced has changed in a very exciting way – I cannot practice from flexibility or strength but must really focus on contentment and listening deeply to my own body.

Zoƫ and Nathan are so excited about becoming a double big sister and a big brother. David is delighted to expand our family. I hope that having a new baby will strengthen all of our relationships to one and other.

The other big change for 2011, although not nearly as dramatic, is that I have received a grant to write a children’s play. I have written two before, both for Touchstone. I’m eager to work on my own to develop a play completely based on my artistic vision. I don’t officially begin the process until January 2011, but I am already brainstorming ideas and possible points of entry. I will continue to document my process here.



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