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A Squirrel Peed on my Yoga Mat

I posted this as my facebook status last night. Because it happened. Here’s how (incase you are looking for similar adventure):

  1. leave your yoga mat in the car
  2. leave your windows open on a warm day
  3. enter squirrels
  4. when you approach and see the squirrel in the car, shout “holy sh*t, a squirrel is in my car,” and scare the piss out of it

My friend Margie suggested I write a book with that as the title. It might be the most appropriate thing to do. I so sometimes feel like I get something good going on (yoga) something comes along to wreck it, or at least disturb the goodness (squirrel pee). There is a lesson here of course, a decision I have to make: how do I react when the squirrel pees? Better, how do I react when the squirrel trespasses my person property? Can I flip it around and see that my car was in the squirrels space?

Perhaps the book will be about how to use yoga to deal with the squirrel pee of life. Perhaps it will be a children’s book about why cursing is bad. Perhaps I should make a radio show about it and send it to This American Life. Ira Glass would love it.

I'm sort of obsessed


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