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Baby Yoga Clothes vs. My Better Judgement

Obviously my child will practice yoga. That’s part of its karma. But does it really need this to do it?

Even a baby can’t change my allegiance to Goodwill. I almost went Infant Clothes Happy on Sunday when I went to Goodwill and they had 40% off baby clothes with your Shop and Save Card (of course I have one). I can only imagine I will have more opportunities to buy baby clothes at ridiculously cheap prices. And it makes me feel good – of course our child will have new things, but just not every new thing.

And I know it is premature, but I hope if you want to get the Raspberry a baby gift, it will not be an over-priced (though at least on sale) yoga outfit (though the comedy of it is pretty great). Perhaps something you make, or loved for your own children, or that is really useful…


PS – My obsession with shopping at thrift stores is not meant to offend ANYONE who likes buying new things. Nor do I judge you at all. In some ways I am jealous, in some ways I am not. My Goodwill shopping grew from necessity and the love of the hunt. And how awesome is it to get 3 books and 2 shirts and a dress (a new dress!) for $14?! And to discover something new because it was the only maternity ____ they had (I have really expanded my approach to dressing as a result).

PPS – I’m not wearing maternity clothes yet. Just stocking up because the selection at Goodwill is limited but changes regularly.


3 thoughts on “Baby Yoga Clothes vs. My Better Judgement

  1. Believe me, you will receive lots of gifts and probably a bunch of hand-me-downs as well. Although it is tempting to buy everything you see because they are cute and cheap, you will find yourself overwhelmed with stuff. My friend who just had a baby has so many clothes Katianna may never wear the same thing twice!
    Revel in the pregnancy. It is a wonderful experience!

  2. Hey Vick – I LOVE Goodwill, too. Too bad they don’t have them in Israel. I AM beginning to discover the second hand shops in Tel Aviv, but I hate walking into a second-hand place only to discover it’s a “boutique” and they’re charging $40 for something I could find at Goodwill for $2!

    As I’m beginning to outgrow my regular (and belly-banded) clothes, I’m going to have to hit up the places here. Was really happy to find our you’re also expecting!

    Lots of health and happiness for you, Raspberry and family, Becky

  3. Gill – I’m sure we will have more than enough – I haven’t bought any baby clothes yet. It is only about 4 inches long now, so there is no rush.

    Becky – When my mom told me you were also pregnant I thought it was such a strange coincidence. Two Pensacola babies! Hope all is well with you!

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