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Dear Vicki,

Being pregnant is your big chance to stop working so much. It’s true – you don’t have a full time job, but 4 (or is it 5…no, 6!) part time jobs add up quickly. And it is that much more to manage, which you know becomes increasingly difficult with the pregnancy fog.

Just think – you could have all that free time to keep your house tidy (which is important to you), get back to your crafting, practice yoga daily in the way that you’d like to (not rushed and squeezed in here and there). Do the work you want, have 3 jobs for a while, see how that goes – teaching arts in education, teaching yoga, running the religious school.

Oh wait, the playwrighting…the theatre development…sigh.

I have to keep reminding myself that there is plenty of time! No rush.

Let this be a reminder to you, Vicki, that when you get too busy you always crave some space in your schedule.



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