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Baby not a Birth

Great article from a great blog:

The article is called An Idealized Birth and covers the complicated decisions women (and their partners) face in choosing a birth method.

I don’t agree with everything mentioned, but I like the thought behind the article.  The point is to have a baby, not a birth. I’m awfully excited and intrigued about the birth, but WAY MORE about the baby.

I’ve been reading and thinking about birth, talking with David, preparing to make decisions. But the real message I keep getting from books and friends is that the birth is only my choice to a point. Then it becomes the choice of my body and mostly, the choice of the Raspberry.

But I like working with other people (even if they aren’t born quite yet). I also like empowering those who are younger than me to make decisions and take action. I’m looking forward to the whole process (or birth. I’m already up in the process of pregnancy…I’ll save my thoughts on that for another post.)



One thought on “Baby not a Birth

  1. So true. My body and my little Lucy apparently were not ready when the doctor wanted it. Nothing happened as planned….our plan or the doctor’s! Do the best you can preparing and then be prepared to go with the flow 🙂

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