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I Write Like

As you know (or maybe not), I love reading blogs. I have recently discovered the voyeuristic aspect of my personality (thanks blogs and Facebook). The internet allows me to read what other people are thinking and look at photos of their lives – it’s fascinating.

So here is great link I found on one of the blogs I subscribe to, the Real Delia. Check her out. Check out the link.

It is a webpage/program called I Write Like. David could explain the math behind it (I think I missed the day we learned about algorithms). Basically, you put a writing sample in, it analyzes it with secret codes and magic (aka algorithms) and tells you who you write like. I tried two different samples of writing – first I got Stephen King, which is ok but not ideal. Then I got Margaret Atwood, which is sort of the best I could hope for. So I stopped. 🙂

We even look

Who do you write like?


2 thoughts on “I Write Like

  1. Interesting indeed, I shall have to try that. Sadly in this age of technology I have only to pick up a pen to scrawl my signature now and again. Actual written text is no more. Not long ago I tried to write a letter and my hand/wrist hurt after a couple of sentences, plus it looked unreadable: worse than a child’s scribbles.
    A real sign of the times!
    Best wishes,

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