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Helicopter Parenting

I’ve read about this before, but this blog post from Motherlode cites a study that really supports what I believe (and what I experienced from my own parents): that the goal of raising children is  to create independent adults.

I don’t need my parents, but I sure do like them. I look to them for advice and understanding. But they taught me and I had the opportunity on my own to learn to look to myself for advice and understanding as well.

There are so many books and resources on the right way to be pregnant, give birth, raise children, etc. My friend Liz gave me the best advice so far: take from any resource what works for you.

This has a wisdom beyond parenting. I see friends and family get stuck and righteous about their beliefs and practice (and i’m sure I do the same thing) even when those beliefs and practice aren’t helping them. And are possibly hurting them. I hope that as a person and as a parent I can have the wisdom to do what is best in the situation and never be too rigid.


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