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When I started this blog, I wasn’t planning to write so much about pregnancy and babies, but that is apparently what is on my mind the most, though I read and think and do lots of yoga and theatre and things…

Ah well.

One of the blogs I read, Design*Sponge, is way out of my league, but I love looking at the photos of beautiful design ideas and then stealing and adapting them to suit our cozy house.

We are not planning to set up a nursery for the Raspberry (aka Larry, as Nathan likes to call it), but rather just keep it with us for a while. That said, there are certain baby/nursery things that will infiltrate our home, and I’m rather looking forward to it.

  1. Hanging Mobiles
  2. Children’s books
  3. Tiny Clothes

If I’m as awesome as I hope to be, I want to MAKE some hanging mobiles and tiny clothes. I’m also thinking of making a quilt – a small one. I’ll probably just end up napping.


2 thoughts on “Nurseries

  1. It’s only natural you would write about baby stuff — but you do it in a way that only Vicki can! I look forward to making things for Raspberry/Larry (“Larry” is a very funny name for a baby — I’ve never met a Larry under 45 years old, but certainly those Larrys were all baby-Larrys at some point!)

    • Thanks, Marge! We call the tiny creature Larry sometimes as a joke, but are a little worried we’ll get used to it and name the baby Larry just because. I like old fashioned names, but it is a little too “baby-boomer” and not enough “Great Depression” for me/us. 🙂

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