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Even though I spent about half of summer camp in tears (first because I didn’t want to stay, then because I didn’t want to leave), I have incredible memories from the summers I spent at Henry S. Jacobs Camp in Utica, Mississippi. The song sessions, Shabbat by the lake, the boys, the friends, pottery and yoga, the joy of AC in the museum. Camp really shaped who I am and I miss it. I wish there were something like it for adults.

When I lived in Bethlehem with my friends, we called our house Camp Fancy Town – Camp because of the singing, open doors, shared food, and variety of activities. Fancy because we anything but. And Town because such a diversity of people lived there. And because all three together are better than any one alone.

I found this article about Make Believe Camp that combines my desire for camp and my desire to play – what could be better?! If only I could go back in time. Or perhaps start something like this in Reading? Is Reading ready for make believe?


One thought on “Camp

  1. Yeah, camp! I only ever went to Girl Scout camp, which was usually just for a weekend (though once, we went for 5 days in the summer).I want my life to be like camp. In West Virginia, sometimes it came close. I would love to gather around a campfire every night and talk about our days and tell stories and sing.

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