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Live United

Maybe there are good things happening in Reading. Perhaps if I read our local paper more often, I’d know more about them.

How exciting is it that young people from all over the county, nearly every school district, city and suburbs, came together to help others  and learn about service. After I read and admired this program, I couldn’t help but think “What if they added theatre to the program.”

I would like to think that I would have liked a summer camp like  this when I was young, but I’m not actually sure – I only wanted to perform in plays, preferably playing the lead role. Now, I see a value in theatre beyond entertainment – the ability to bring people together, the question the world around us, to make the world a better place. It is hugely difficult to create work of artistic value and meaningful community reflection. To bring “non-artists” (a phrase I don’t particularly like or believe in. I’ll take suggestions for something better.) and “artists” together. To honor a place, a community, a time and uplift those who need it. To empower all to create art and be moved by art.

I should just call the United Way and talk to them rather than blogging about it!


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