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Teaching Yoga

I taught two really good yoga classes this week.

I subbed for my teacher last night, Tuesday, the class I usually assist in Bethlehem. I had a strong sequence, a clear physical focus, a connected and valuable philosophical focus. Students looked focused during class and were clearly working hard, but not to the point of pain or exhaustion. At the end, everyone quietly and peacefully put their props away and chatted calmly on the way out.

Tonight, Wednesday, I taught my Restorative class at Shri Yoga. It is a different group or solo student each week, which presents a challenge as far as creating a good and appropriate sequence and building on teaching week to week. But tonight there was a returning student. I like her and see that she is serious about yoga and about working with her body and injuries to make her life better. She skipped a few weeks because it was so hot (which can be a good idea). I had actually written tonight’s sequence with her in mind, so I was glad when she arrived. Since she was the only student, I was able to tie a few modifications for poses into the sequence to help her with some knee troubles. She worked hard, asked good questions and made great observations and adjustments on herself, and left looking calm and content.

I love teaching yoga. Being pregnant has made it difficult, limiting my own practice and energy. But when I am able to teach in a way that serves the practices and self-studies of my students, I feel that I am doing my job. And next week, I’ll get to do it again.


2 thoughts on “Teaching Yoga

  1. Hey Vicki!

    Wanted to let you know I have been reading your blog. And this post reminded me to tell you that I have taken up yoga. I’ve been going to an Ashtanga studio near my apartment where I’ve been doing a beginner’s course for the past few weeks and I feel sore great! Hope you are feeling well. Keep in touch…


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