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I was about to write about our being in New York with David’s family and how nice it is to see the kids playing and the brothers lovingly argue with each other. But when I tried to type New York, I wrote New Work. Which is funny and a little bit of what I’ve been up to. Ok, a lot.

I’ve also been hanging around with family, doing yoga, reading blogs, reading books, singing with David, cleaning up after the PA Graffs, and feeling the baby move around.

But the work never ends. This is the risk of part time jobs from home and of working in non-profits. There is no “leave it at the office” because there is no office OR because I care to much about making the work good, that I will text my boss back at 10:41pm about a performance the next morning. And if I’m not DOing work, I’m THINKing work.

So New Work. I’m trying to transition from doing quite so much Work to doing the New Work of prepping our house for the baby. To me, this basically means oogling over craft ideas and hilarious onesies online and thinking about the time when our kitchen will be done (we are re-doing it, much needed) so I can put our house back together. And make some stuff.

Zoë can't wait to have a baby brother because of this!


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