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Unlimited Vacation

Thanks to Daniel Pink, author of one of my favorite books – A Whole New Mind.

I have been, since I’ve been working, the kind of person who works until the work is done. At the office, at home, on vacation – I (most of the time) love the work I do and believe in the places/missions where I work (whoohoo – non-profits!).

This is a problem for me because there is no such thing as a 40 hour work week. I end up working more than others but still only able to officially take time off when the time is there.

Netflix has a brilliant idea! They do not track their salaried employees’ vacation days. The employees are responsible for their work and letting the management know that they aren’t in.

The idea is that freedom and responsibility, long considered fundamentally incompatible, actually go together quite well.

Personal day – fine. Kid sick – fine. Sexy get-away – fine!

When I am someday the Director of a Non-profit, I will run things like this. I try to teach like this. We parent like this for Zoë and Nathan and will for the Raspberry. David and I treat each other with freedom and responsibility. When people have freedom, I believe, and I have seen, that they keep up their responsibilities.

Maybe humans are alright after all.


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