pregnant / yoga

Fetal Karma

So here we are (Raspberry and myself) at this wonderful yoga workshop/retreat in New Hampshire, studying with Patricia Walden and Dr. Edwin Bryant. This is my third year here, and it is always a priveledge and an incredible learning experience. I ride this workshop all year, allowing Patricia’s teachings to inspire my yoga practice.

This year has been a little different, as I am in the back of the room, modifying most poses because now I am practice for two. More on that later.

The highlight of today was when Edwin, in talking about karma, brought up that fetuses choose their parents based on their karma (not the fetus, really, but the citta of the fetus I suppose). After the talk, when I went to the bathroom (for the 12th time), some woman went on and on to me about how lucky my baby is to be born to a yoga family, and to study with Patricia and Edwin in utero…and on and on.

And it’s true. This is a lucky baby. And I am lucky to practice yoga with him.


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