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On Boycotting Target

I’m still boycotting Target. They donated a large amount of money to an anti-gay, anti-immigration, far-right candidate for Governor. I know I posted on this before, but I wanted to remind you and myself why I’m dong this.
Target and other large corporations should not support politics in this way;  when they use money they earn from my shopping for political purposes, especially politics that I disagree with, I can’t continue to shop there.
I also can’t in good conscience shop at a place that is so publicly anti-equality (though I have heard that they have excellent benefits for same-sex couples…which makes the whole situation more confusing).
I hope you will think twice before continuing to shop at Target. What a great time to remember the value of supporting local businesses. If you also choose to boycott them, please spread the word!
For more information about the boycott:
The Human Rights Campaign put out information called Buying For Equality and it allows you to see how companies rate (and which companies don’t respond) on issues of equality toward their employees. Use it to determine where you’ll shop (if not at local stores)!

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