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Revenge of the Nerd

David STRONGLY SUGGESTED (his words) that I watch Revenge of the Nerds, and last weekend we did.

This movie is of great personal importance to him. Even though I think he is the coolest, he shares some characteristics with the nerds. So do I. Neither of us share any characteristics with the jocks (except for perhaps my burping ability).

However, I found it difficult to like this movie. I can respect his connection to it, his love of justice for the nerds, but there are a few themes from the movie that irked me.

  1. Revenge: I never think this is the way to go – what good can come of it. Revenge leads to a never ending cycle of “payback” (and sequels). I personally subscribe to:  An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.
  2. Lack of Justice: I do not think it is right that the football coach and the jocks got away with all that they did. Why was this ok? Because the Dean was a “Nerd”? Because the footballers were bigger and meaner? Because otherwise, what would have been the point of the movie?
  3. Rape: (Spoiler alert) So, Louis raped Betty. He lied and he raped her. Not cool. If someone did that to me, no matter how good it was, it would be completely inappropriate and illegal.
  4. Learning: Weren’t they in college? With all of their shenanigans and obsessions about Frats, how did any of them have time for classes and learning?
  5. Stereotypes: I acknowledge that stereotypes are based on something true. But the stereotypes in it are out of control. David will argue that I laughed (I did) but I wasn’t proud of it.

I laughed, I watched the whole thing. But I didn’t really like it. I wouldn’t recommend it.

Love to hear your thoughts.

PS – I realize the purpose of this movie was not to create a social critique but purely to entertain. But it’s fun to take things seriously.


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