Baby Bag

I don’t know what else to call it.

I was at Goodwill, scoping out the maternity pants (none for me) and children’s coats (score for Nathan) when I found the treasure I’d been looking for, the answer to my questions, the winter wonderland dream-coat.

It will be cuter with a baby inside.

It sort of looks like a dementor with that empty hood. Ick.

Even with the barely bearable heat of summer, I was beginning to ponder how we would take home our little bundle of baby in the early part of January in PA. I looked for some things online, but spending $60 on a baby winter coat seemed a little ridiculous.

And then, Goodwill shined the light. It is warm and cozy, hooded, hand-covered, red and blue (not too masculine or feminine), and BEST OF ALL, it has a little slit cut out to buckle the critter in the carseat.

SAFE AND WARM!? For only $5! It is almost too good be true.

This reaffirms my love of Goodwill. And, I reluctantly admit that I am excited about baby clothes.

Let the baby-insanity begin continue.


2 thoughts on “Baby Bag

  1. I’m excited about baby clothes, too — and I’m not even having one of them there youngin’s! Truth is, I want to dress like a baby — they have the cutest clothes — great colors and designs. I guess wearing stripes and polka dots together in bright colors looks cute when you’re pink-cheeked and chubby and under 3 feet tall. When you’re 5’7″ and middle-aged and a little wrinkly and saggy, it just makes you look crazy. Which maybe isn’t so bad 🙂

  2. Margie! You are too funny. Maybe you should be a baby for Halloween and make yourself an Adult Sized Onesie!
    I’m pretty excited to find/make/buy (if I have to) crazy clothes for Raspberry. It must be fun to be a baby, especially with crazy/artsy parents and friends.

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