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Before I knew I was pregnant, I suspected I might be when I watched Glee (the one when Mercedes sings that “You are beautiful” song at the Pep Rally) and I cried like a…pregnant woman.

For the past 5 and a half months, I haven’t had too many weird food cravings. But I have had cravings for Glee. I can’t even watch all the episodes because Hulu only puts up 5 at a time and has been skipping episodes left and right!


  • The stereotypes are a bit much.
  • How does a high school glee club in Ohio have so much money for fancy costumes each week? Professional theatres can’t afford that, much less high school. And who makes all the costumes? And how do they have not only an accompanist but a whole band who plays with them?
  • How come they are all so beautiful? Everyone in the school is always calling them freaks, but the actors are all so attractive. And even when they dress “freaky,” they still have very nice, well-fitting clothes.
  • How does Quinn move like that when she’s pregnant? I can still shake my butt, don’t worry, but I can’t jump around and sing at the same time. I can barely walk and sing.

Ok, Vicki, you are thinking, it is television. I know, but still. I like my art to have either a taste of reality or to be obviously art. Perhaps this is why I don’t like much TV (except the shows that are obviously ridiculous, like 30 Rock or Arrested Development).

There are, of course, things that are great about the show. I love how they take seriously all the issues that we all, in some way or another, faced in high school. I love that there are characters who are gay, disabled, overweight. I love they all rock the Glee Club. I love that Rachel isn’t perfect though an amazing singer. I love that there is a pregnant character and that there are also teenage love triangles.

My cravings for Glee are still going strong. I’m mostly concerned about Quinn’s dance moves and the baby!


One thought on “Glee-view

  1. How about how quickly she was back at school after giving birth? That concerned me. Lol The finale last season made me cry about four separate times. I have become much more emotional since becoming a mom. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because my heart has opened up in a way that was previously unimaginable to me. I have been missing your blog! You haven’t been linking on fb when you post!

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