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From Mr. Fish over at Harper's Magazine

I was concerned that I was losing my creativity, but I think it is back. Or coming back.

I mean, I’m creating a baby, which is about as creative as you can get, but it is different from creating art. Obviously.

I never thought I would say this, but I’m really enjoying working less. I’ve been quitting jobs or not renewing jobs (David is continually shocked), which is a big change from my usual work-a-holic self. But it isn’t like I’m sitting around sipping Mom-tini’s all day: I’m doing some work from home, keeping our house organized and tidy so we can enjoy our time all together, and making things. This is the best part, the making.

I’m also getting to read a lot, sometimes books and sometimes internet articles. Here is a particularly good one and a cause of personal concern on the Creativity Crisis. Best part of the article:

When faculty of a major Chinese university asked Plucker to identify trends in American education, he described our focus on standardized curriculum, rote memorization, and nationalized testing. “After my answer was translated, they just started laughing out loud,” Plucker says. “They said, ‘You’re racing toward our old model. But we’re racing toward your model, as fast as we can.’ ”

How can we do this to ourselves and our kids? Teaching arts-in-education programs in schools, I see how desperate the kids and teachers are to be creative (and the teachers have so many good ideas on how to do that). But there is so much pressure on the administration (all levels of it) that they cannot even do creative writing or arts.

I’m looking forward to when the pedulum swings back in favor of real education and life.

PS: I want to go to there.


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