arts in education

Neighborhood Bridges

I’m so happy to be back to school, teaching Neighborhood Bridges to 4th graders in Reading!!!

Neighborhood Bridges combines storytelling, creative writing, and creative drama for a really amazing in-school arts-in-education program. I can say it is amazing because I didn’t create it. I’m just the messenger, teaching it to local kids. The program comes from the fantastic Children’s Theatre Company in Minneapolis (note: I was once offered a literary internship there – how different my life would be had I taken it. but I might still be teaching Neighborhood Bridges. Weird.).

I especially love this program for the fantastic kid art that comes out of it. I love kid art – especially writing and performing (when it is earnest). Highlights from today’s writing:

  • Owon’s a pond a tim…
  • Once upon a time there were ants at an amusement park…
  • The Amusement Park was walking on the beach and he sat on a lifeguard…
  • …Three litter boys…
  • peapul
  • I fell through a hole in the earth

To the spelling I say “why not?!” and to the ideas I say “why not” – I love the places their minds go when we let them. I love the places my mind goes with them.

Beanstalks from summer's Kindergarten Bridges class


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