Art can get through


I am not able to embed this video, despite numerous attempts.  Please watch it if you are interested and leave your thoughts.

On the days that I feel really tired of the effort it takes to share with others the excitement and inspiration I feel from a great piece of theatre, I can watch a woman like Mallika Sarabhai perform and speak and remember why I do what I do. And what it is I really want to be doing.

I want to make art that changes the world, or at least makes a dent. This sounds big and idealistic, but I see the world as many things – maybe I can make art that changes the world in a 4th grade class, for a small group of enthusiastic patrons, for myself.

I don’t want to be Shakespeare – I don’t have that in me. But small scale, I do want to do something meaningful and  help make my world better. This talk makes me believe I actually can.


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