I’m pretty thrifty. Being married, with two step children, a dog, and a baby due in January has made me a little thrifty-er. Life is expensive, and it is easy to get carried away buying all the stuff we “need.”

I found an online group discount site called Groupon (get it?!). It looks like they’ve recently added Reading, PA to the list and I joined to 1) see if there are in fact good discounts that I can use on things I ordinarily buy, and 2) high five them for adding Reading to the list in the first place.

The trick is, of course, going to be not buying things just because they are on sale. I’m pretty good about this, but if cupcakes come up on the list, that will probably count as something I need.

PS – if you live in Reading, there is also the Just Between Friends sale this weekend. I was there yesterday, volunteering, to gain early admittance to snatch up all the tiny boy clothes. They have baby clothes and things up to teen clothes (maybe not teen things). Lots of really nice things, very inexpensively priced!


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