Womb with a View

Just read this entry in the Motherlode blog, on the New York Times website.

What we (pregnant women) do, eat, say, think affects our soon-to-be-born children.

What was, for me, the most curious about the whole article was the comments at the end. How does this idea, that our actions and choices affect the child inside, cause severe anxiety? Ok, I understand how, but this is not a news flash.

The midwife, the books, the websites and blogs, the media…everything about pregnancy and babies says that as a pregnant woman, my choices must be more considered than usual because I’m not making them only for myself. There is someone very small (currently, around 2 lbs) who is depending on me to help him grow well, physically, mentally, emotionally. This is not new information nor is it something to be afraid of.

I have found that being pregnant has helped me take care of my whole self better – I’ve been able to commit to eating well, practicing yoga, making less stressful choices, because I am doing it for someone else. For me, that little guy is very empowering. I’m sorry that some pregnant moms are feeling anxiety and more stress.

25 weeks pregnant


2 thoughts on “Womb with a View

  1. you’re still so small! i didn’t like being pregnant but it did force myself to treat my body better. and afterward? you will have the new mom glow and a bunch of energy…you will love it! just relax and don’t stress too much..i was really stressed and then i read that my stress would make my baby stressed but thankfully he came out calm and happy.

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