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Yoga + Family

I have been waking up early to practice pranayama in the mornings (pranayama is yogic breathing – controlling the inhalations and exhalations).

I’m never alone in the morning. Even if everyone is asleep, there is a symphony of snoring in the background (including the dog). If anyone is awake, I hear chatting, bouncing around, showering, and sometimes podcasts in the background. I take it all on, knowing that when Raspberry comes there will only be more chaos and I ought to learn to tune in and out as necessary now.

I struggled with a Pranayama practice at home before I was pregnant. But after I studied with Patricia Walden I decided to take it on. And I have (high five).

Pranayama is recommended for pregnant women, and it has become a necessity for me. It is a restorative practice, and somehow lying about on bolsters and blankets energizes me for the rest of the day. On the few days I don’t get to practice (when David was sick, when I forgot the alarm), I notice a different in my energy.

And I notice a difference in my mental/emotional state. Taking even 20 or 30 minutes to focus on myself and breathing keeps me calm and even-minded.

And some days, when I am very lucky, I get to continue practicing and do a regular asana (the poses) practice. Which has changed a lot since I’ve become pregnant. And always feels wonderful and keeps my body and my heart content.

I keep saying: I can’t imagine how other pregnant women survive without practicing yoga. I’m not saying this because I want you to come to my class (although I do!), but because I really feel like it saves me on a regular basis. My feet don’t swell, my back and hips don’t ache, my chest stays lifted and open, and I feel better about everything. Pregnancy and the rest of life.

If you are pregnant and you want to start yoga, I’d be happy to recommend somewhere to start. And if you aren’t pregnant, I’d be happy to recommend somewhere to start too!


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