arts in education

Pat on my own back

This afternoon, I was walking down the hall at the elementary school where I arts-in-educate and was stopped by a Kindergarten teacher I worked with over the summer. She said, “I just wanted to tell you that you are the best storyteller I’ve ever seen! You did such a great job with the summer program. I’m glad you are still at this school.”

It made my day.

When I really think about it, a compliment from a teacher is worth more than a fellow theatre artist or educator. She is coming from a completely different point of view and she is the audience I want to reach. If she likes and respects the work, then she will advocate for me (and my co-teaching artists) to come back year after year. She will also take on what she likes about what we do and infuse her already great teaching with a little bit more creativity and art. Which is always good for the kids, especially in our time of testing.

I love hearing that teachers steal my ideas to use in their classrooms. They aren’t even my ideas – all of what we do as theatre artists is such a mix of all the people we’ve worked with and learned from, all we’ve studied, all we’ve experienced. I want to pass it on.


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