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There is a Rabbi in my yoga class.

I spent a while talking to him after class one day about Judaism and yoga. Now he periodically shares tidbits of Torah that tie to the yoga teaching of the day.

Today in class, our teacher mentioned something about the windiness of fall and how we must hold on to our practices to get through it. After class, the Rabbi came up to me to share that this week, in Parshat Noach, as Noah builds his ark, he (and I can’t remember exactly…darn pregnancy brain) he is told or he decides he must cling to his practice of building the ark in the midst of the chaos all around him. Focus his mind. Just as our teacher told us to cling to our yoga practice.

On my drive home I was thinking about the habits I cling to, especially when the chaos hits. I feel like so many aspects of my life are out of my control – being a step mom, having a boss, being pregnant – my decisions are not always my own.

But I can eat Raisin Bran for breakfast. That is a habit that I don’t like to break. I find myself looking for raisins and bran all day if I have to eat something else.

In yoga, we are taught aparigraha, non-grasping. For a while I was trying to eliminate habits and routines from my life, thinking if I did, then I would have the freedom and mental space to be a real yogi. But now, being that I am a householder, a parent, a wife, a worker, etc and a yogi, I realize the value of these habits and how much I need them. How much I depend on them.

For me, in the boundaries of time, I find freedom.


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