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David and I went to the Rodin Museum today in Philadelphia. We had both been to the one in Paris (ooh lala!) and decided to check this one out too. My old favorite sculpture was there.

And I have a new favorite.

Beauty in stone.

I also couldn’t help but notice two incredible things about his sculptures of human faces.

  1. they are incredibly expressive. you can see the character oozing from them.
  2. many of them don’t have eyes, but still are so expressive. if we believe that the eyes are the doorway to the soul, how do we see so much in these faces?

So I got to thinking…could these faces (or any visual representations of the human) be inspiration for developing characters or a play? Could these faces be turned into masks to use for theatrical performance or exploration?

Of course, as I was thinking about character and story, David was measuring proportions. It is fun to go to the museum together, a scientist and an artist.


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