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Caps for Good

In addition to being a straight ally, arts-education activist, thifty-lover, and concerned citizen for the health and education of those with fewer resources than I have, I have of late become interested in newborn health. It makes sense, this is a topic that is quite literally close to my heart (about 6 inches below and a little to the right, to be precise).

I also love crafting, which is not necessarily something to take a stand for, but certainly makes the world a better place: slowing us down, reusing materials, working together, supporting local crafters.

Here is a way to combine crafting and newborn health: Caps for Good. Basically, you knit or crochet tiny hats to donate. They will be sent to the developing world. Many local hospitals also collect tiny hats and blankets for their newborns.

I am here committing to make one hat to donate for every craft project I make for the Raspberry. Winter is coming and we all need to stay warm. Here is a way to keep even the tiniest among us warm too.


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