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Quiet Morning

I’m in favor of routines vs schedules. Schedules are too difficult to keep when other people are involved and routines provide both structure and freedom, which I strongly believe go hand in hand.

This morning, I decided to sleep in all the way until 7:15. I showered and got the kids ready for school and David ready for work. And they all helped each other which is always nice.

Then at 8:25 they all left and I began my morning routine of pranayama, yoga, preparing for the day, catching up on email/work. If I had had a schedule, my whole day would be ruined because I couldn’t have kept up. Instead, with my routine, I was able to help the fam when they needed it and have me time when they left for their days.

How all of this will change when Raspberry is born, I can’t even imagine. I bet I’ll still be able to find 30 minutes to do pranayama every day. Or at least, nap.


2 thoughts on “Quiet Morning

  1. Newborns have a way of blowing routines completely out of the water for a bit – as they should – but then making mommies very good at reconfiguring new routines. And then once you have it all figured out with nursing and naps and the world that does not revolve around those things, well they usually change again. I think it makes us very good at adapting 🙂 But it only lasts a bit and then they are routine hounds just like the rest of us 🙂

  2. LOVE routines! And I love that someone else feels the same way I do about schedules. I homeschool both of my boys (just started this year) and schedules are just out of the question. We follow our schooling routines but they happen when they happen. It takes the stress element out of learning and the boys have enjoyed school so much more this year because of it. Babies do have a way of disrupting routines. But, as Shannon has said, it gives mom a chance to re-evaluate things and adapt new and possibly much more enjoyable routines. What you will learn from adapting to the new routines will seriously be priceless and help you so much as the little one gets older. Changes that seemed so disruptive at the beginning will become so minor and, before you know it, you’ll be changing that routine up without even blinking. It will just come natural.

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