There are several things that I am very passionate about, which you have probably figured out from reading this blog. One small item that hasn’t come up is the huge value I place on communication while driving.

Think about it. There you are, driving around in a ton (or so) of metal, and your main form of communication is lights, followed closely by fingers (usually one alone or five waving).

When I saw this post, I was really excited. I work hard to communicate well all of the time, but especially while driving.

Also, on the same subject but a different path, I heard a chapter from the Wisdom of Sam by¬†Dan Gottlieb (from Voices in the Family). I don’t remember all the details, but I remember the part about the value of hazard lights. If you are driving along and you have a problem and slow down, people get FURIOUS. But if you are driving along and you have a problem and slow down, but you put on your hazard lights, people politely pass, perhaps even looking as they pass to see if you are ok. And, he said, wouldn’t it be nice if we had hazard lights in life.

I am sure the world would appreciate me putting my hazard lights on some days.


2 thoughts on “Car-munication

  1. I had this idea YEARS ago! how many millions I could have made if I’d followed through on all the ideas that other people have stolen out of my brain!

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