arts in education


Last Thursday, our State Senator Michael O’Pake came to observe the Neighborhood Bridges program in action. He joined in our discussion, watched the students create and perform scenes about Cinderella, and observed their (brief!) final creative writing.

Vicki, Raspberry, and State Senator O'Pake

I love meeting politicians, especially when they come into my turf. I never mind being observed, and with Neighborhood Bridges, I love to share what is it about and the profound effects it has on the children who participate. And I love talking about the value of Art-in-Education with anyone, especially those who can fund it better!

I was really impressed by how he interacted with the kids. They have a long time before they can vote, but he still spoke to them, asking about their ideas and their work in the program. I was amazed how the kids warmed up to him and welcomed him (and the 4 other observers) into their space.

Oh, Mr. O’Pake! Thank you for being kind and thank you in advance for being generous!

PS – did you notice my ridiculously cliche pregnant woman stance?


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