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I’m a Gentleman

In college, my friend Rob always called me a Gentleman because I hold doors for people. I didn’t think action of mine was so revolutionary. I just didn’t want to let doors slam on people behind me. Apparently, this intention makes me a gentleman.

I kept hearing from other pregnant women and those with small children (the carrying not walking kind) that people will hold doors and do other gentlemanly things when you are pregnant.

When I was 3 months pregnant and looked like I ate too much at lunch, I could understand why no one held doors for me. They were probably thinking “that woman could use some exercise” and were happy to give me the opportunity to hold the door for them.

Now that I am 8 months pregnant, clearly pregnant, and not looking like a pregnant teenager now that my skin has cleared up and my grey hairs are shining in the autumn sun, I was actually looking forward to people holding doors and offering to help me with things.

I am sad to report that Berks County is full of non-gentlemen. I have one friend who is a gentleman and will barely let me hold my own purse when we are together. He always holds doors. But he always did.

Everyone else still lets them slam.

Sigh. I suppose I’ll put this on the ever-growing “con” side of the Living in Berks County list.


2 thoughts on “I’m a Gentleman

  1. Don’t be too harsh on Berks. Pensacola was the exact same when I was pregnant. I think our society in general is. With the increasing amount of teen pregnancies and people using pregnancy to receive welfare (yep…people do it), I think that people have become desensitized to pregnancy in general. People no longer look at pregnant women and think ‘How sweet??!! They’re starting a precious little family.’ Instead I think the general thought is, ‘Oh wow….wonder who knocked her up. Bet her mom will be the one taking care of it.’ It makes me sad, really.

    • There is a long list of reasons why I would rather live other places, but you are right, I shouldn’t be too harsh on this place.

      I am pleased to report that in NYC this weekend, people were very friendly and gentlemanly toward me. I got seats on the subway and doors held open!

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