GOOD Magazine recently had an issue on work. Some interesting job perks I found perusing the online version of the article. Some of the perks support people who are working at the company for philosophical reasons and other honor family life in very admirable ways:

  • At Google, new parents get more than maternity leave: up to $500 of reimbursements for take-out when their newborn’s needs mean no time for home cooking.
  • Patagonia offers an employee internship program, allowing workers to take paid time off to intern at the environmental nonprofit of their choice.
  • Trader Joe’s has a company-paid retirement plan that automatically pays an amount equal to 15.4 percent of a worker’s annual income into a retirement account—without the employee having to contribute a single cent.
  • Target will connect employees to “wellness coaches,” who help them lose weight, quit smoking, eat healthily, and de-stress.
  • Netflix full-timers not only get unlimited rentals, but also unlimited vacation days, as long as they get their work done. (brilliant!)

Note to self: If I am ever in a position to run a company of any size, take this list to heart.


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