It sucks to have a cold. And it sucks more to have a cold while 35 weeks pregnant. Blergh.

What is the best remedy you know for a cold? My go to for a long time was Jalapeno Milk (yes, it is what it sounds like). You have to use whole milk or the Jalapenos kill, and you have to drink it really fast. It is NASTY but it clears up the sinuses.

My other, for coughs, is ginger tea. As in ginger chopped up in hot water with a little honey.

I’m getting ready to have both. Hopefully I’ll feel like my regular self tomorrow.



7 thoughts on “Cold

  1. I am just getting over a sinus infection. I’ll have to give that a shot next time. It seemed like it took FOREVER for the antibiotics to finally kick in and make a difference. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. My very favorite piece of medical advice, ever:

    Dark chocolate (the really dark stuff, at least 60% cacao) is as effective a cough suppressant as codeine. 3 oz of dark chocolate = 5 mg of codeine.

    And it tastes so much better than cough syrup.

    Feel better soon.

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