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I’ve fallen into a little LOST bubble. Netflix is streaming it. I don’t think I even like the show. But I can’t stop watching it.

It started because David watches something online that is too nerdy to explain. I love him. But I had to find something to watch while he was watching commentary on Starcraft. Netflix delivered up LOST.

I’m on Season 3. It is a very strange show. Everyone has warned me that they never tie up the plot lines, but every episode ends on a cliffhanger, so I have to start the next one. I just have to.

The real problem with it isn’t that I’m spending my time watching a show that isn’t that good. The problem is that I have a long list of other things I could/should be doing, but this is the choice I keep making.

I credit pregnancy and tiredness (from peeing all night, no baby keeping me up yet!). I can’t focus on reading and I’m too tired to tidy up for too long. Besides, I can watch and tidy…



2 thoughts on “LOST

  1. I think it’s totally legit to extend pregnancy grace to yourself. 🙂
    (From another catch-up LOST watcher… didn’t start until the show was midway through Season 6 and we’ll probably finish the series this month! I, however, like it quite a bit.) Rest up and best wishes. 🙂

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