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Baby Books

What is your favorite book from your childhood? Or your child’s childhood?

Just looking to expand our collection…

My favorite:



4 thoughts on “Baby Books

  1. Second for “Ferdinand” – I had my mother’s childhood copy and she bought a new board-book version for Eve. Also “Harold and the Purple Crayon”, and “Make Way for Ducklings”. I remember sitting with Eve in my lap reading “Ducklings” to her, and thinking “I’ve been waiting all my life for this moment”. It was worth it.

    We also have a family attachment to “The Carrot Seed”, which was my brother’s favorite book when he was little, and one of the first books I ever read all by myself. This pleased my parents greatly because it meant I could read it to him and they were off the hook (I was five; my brother was a year old). My parents arrived when Eve was five days old with a huge bag of clothes and a copy of “The Carrot Seed”.

  2. These are such wonderful suggestions!
    Leela – We read Goodnight, Moon all the time as kids. Last year, we saw a beautiful black-light puppet show of that story and Runaway Bunny.
    Laurie – My mom just gave me all of my Berenstain Bears collection! I LOVED those!
    Jay – We have Make Way for Ducklings, which I LOVE. I haven’t heard of The Carrot Seed, but I’ll add it to the list!

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