Abraham is currently sleeping on me. I am leaning back against a sea of pillow so I can use both hands to type.

He sleeps on me or Daddy, next to me, in his stroller on a walk, in his car seat. That is pretty much it.

If he falls asleep on us, we can put him in the cosleeper or cradle for 1-15 minutes for a mini nap. When I put him down, especially if I am alone, I get so excited – what will I do first?! Pee, have a snack, change out of my pyjamas at 3pm?! Forget doing yoga, showering or anything else that may take some time and concentration.

This is not me complaining. Seriously. I wouldn’t trade this little creature for any amount of free time. And I like snuggling so much. But sometimes I have to pee.


3 thoughts on “Shh…

  1. LOVE!
    A trick that changed our life…
    We heat up the cosleeper with an electric heating pad before we transfer sleeping Shai to it. 99% of the time, it does the trick!

    • I’ll try it, if I can organize ourselves to get the heating pad ready when the sleep happens.
      I just discovered this – he fell asleep on me and then I kept him mushed up and nested him in the boppy. I’m not leaving him alone, so I figure it is ok for him to sleep there. And he stay compact, which he likes.

  2. Don’t tell our electric company, but we keep the heating pad on in the cosleeper at all times, just in case. Glad that boppy trick worked, too!!!!

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