So yesterday I picked up the big kids (what we have been calling David’s kids, my step kids, to differentiate them from Abraham, who is, of course, the baby) from school and, with Abraham and Rusty the dog already in the car, left Reading for NY to visit the grandparents.

What?! you say. You drove 3 hours with three kids (one of whom is breast feeding ALL THE TIME) and a dog ALONE? Yes. Yes I did. I think I had to prove something to myself, that I could do it.

Here is how we made it work:

  • I brought lots of snacks for the big kids, including juice boxes, which are usually only reserved for school lunches when they aren’t coming back to our house. We are usually reusable water bottle people.
  • I stopped one hour in at a friend’s house in Bethlehem, where I could nurse Abraham and have friend time, and the big kids could play and be out of the car for a bit.
  • I bribed the big kids with fast food. I even let them have milkshakes with their dinner!
  • I pumped enough for a bottle for Abraham is we got really desperate.

It worked! Abraham slept most of the way (he woke up when we got off the highway in NY, about 20 minutes from the in-laws home – we gave him a little bottle and he was a happy camper).

When we arrived, the big kids bounced around a little and then went right to sleep (it was 9:15, pretty late for them, even on a non-school night) and Abraham pooped all over himself. At least it didn’t get in the car seat.



6 thoughts on “Insanity

  1. It’s a whole new way of gauging things isn’t it? an entirely new scale….the baby pooped all over himself…WELL AT LEAST he didn’t get any on the car seat. The baby threw up all over him and me….well, at least it cleaned up easily and was well contained…..the joys of being a mom….a new way to measure all things πŸ™‚

    i didn’t realize you were driving alone. Where was David? Did he meet you guys up there?

    can’t wait to talk again soon!

    • There is always an At Least… πŸ™‚
      We have complicated travel – David went to work in Philly, I picked up the kids from school and we drove to NY. David took the train to NYC and drove up with his parents, who were in the city for a concert.

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