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Top Ten

I read many blogs, one being the Baby’s First Year Blog on Babble. Several bloggers share their experiences, and it makes for easy, enjoyable, and relate-able reading for me while I nurse Abraham.

One of the bloggers making 10 Top Ten lists to make 100 things she loves now that she is a mom. I am stealing the idea because it sounds fun and indulgent. I’ll copy her categories because my brain can’t be original right now.


  1. Hats (it is winter and they cover my unwashed hair)
  2. Earrings (easy to put on and make me feel put together)
  3. Camisole Tank Tops (easy access for the nursing baby)
  4. Button Down Shirts (same easy access)
  5. Stretchy Pants (sigh. so comfortable)
  6. Cardigans (warm and snuggly, can take it off when it gets spit up on and i still feel clean)
  7. Tunics (i like these anyway, but they cover the belly and provide access for Abraham)
  8. Slip-on Shoes (baby in the arms makes tying or buckling a challenge)
  9. Glasses (some mornings Abraham doesn’t have the patience for me to put in my contacts…
  10. Sling (I love wearing my baby more than any clothes!)

Baby Things (I made my list, so it is only fair I make one for Abraham)

  1. Clothes that snap or zip from bottom to top and cover the tootsies (baby clothes that go over the head are baby torture!)
  2. Hats (to keep that giant head warm)
  3. Nursing Cover (my boobs belong to him now, no one else)
  4. Swing (for a little bit of solo time)
  5. Flip Camera (ok, this is mine but it is so great to have on hand)
  6. Swaddling Outfit with Velcro (helped him sleep better until he began trying to escape)
  7. Mobile (makes him so happy)
  8. Stroller (even though I like to wear him, it is nice to look at him looking at the world as we walk)
  9. Wrap/Sling (he loves being held and the wrap is great for taking long walks)
  10. Tiny Socks (they are ridiculously cute and functional!)

Abraham’s most favorite thing of all: the ceiling fan! It just sits there on the ceiling, providing beautiful contrast for developing baby eyes (dark blades against a white ceiling). It hasn’t been on all winter, but that doesn’t matter to little Abraham. I can let him rest on the bed and gaze up at the fan and he will smile and smile. As long as he smiles at me too, I don’t mind!


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