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High School Again

I just finished reading Sweet Valley Confidential, the ten-years-later book about the famous identical twins, Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield. I read the Twins, High, and University books as a tween and teen, so obviously I had to read the adult version.

I loved it for the memories it brought up. It is not a great piece of literature, but it isn’t supposed to be. It was just what I needed to read to get me back to reading.

Reading it of course brought me back a decade or so, and reading about their drama makes me remember mine. And makes me so glad that I am not in high school anymore. I loved high school – I learned a lot, I had great friends, I did lots of theatre and dance – but I hated all the drama.

And then I found myself facing a little high-school-esque drama today. Or was my imagination clouded by the memories brought up by this book…?

I have been teaching a yoga class for post-natal moms. Babies too, though they mostly lie around or nurse. But the moms can come and do basic yoga and if the babies cry or need to nurse, it is no big deal. Ah, so nice.

But some of my students reminded me of the girls in high school who I always felt didn’t like me. I don’t want to assume, so I will own the feeling. Something about the way these students treated me, talking during class, taking photographs of their babies (who were totally adorable and photo-worthy), coming late…it was weird.

I am super sensitive. They were probably not being intentionally rude to me. But wow, I felt like I was back in high school. I never know what to do in those situations, so  I do nothing. Doesn’t seem to help.

I overheard them telling another student that they aren’t taking the class during the next series. And I felt relief.

In high school I would have felt so sad, for it would have been a sure sign that they hated me. Now, I don’t care, and I’m glad to feel confident in my own class.

But still, I hate that I can let other people get me down.


How am I writing this posting at 9pm? Abraham is sleeping alone and David is on his way home from work.

Post-Poop Happiness



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