baby / myself


Lying in the dark,
Next to me a tiny boy;
Sweet but I can’t sleep.

Lately I wake up around 4 or 5 for a while each morning. I lie next to Abraham and David, my baby and my beloved, and I reflect.

Ok, sometimes I worry.

About my family: will the baby sleep? Will my stepkids be happy? Will my husband always love me as I love him? Will my ill family members be ok? When will we get to visit Florida?

About my work: will I get everything done? Why do I still have all these jobs? Why am I not working more in Reading, my own community? Will I get my play done?

About my self: will I ever practice yoga again? Why am I not sleeping? Will my body ever go back to the way it was? Are my friends really friends or just associates? Can I please have a vacation? At least from the responsibility and routine?

I’m not looking for responses. Just trying to process. The answers are already there.


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