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Crafting Again

Hooray! I finally made something (besides a baby, that’s a pretty creative act)!

pocket/loop travel blanket for Abraham

I have several (like 50) projects bookmarked, many for baby, some for me or others, and I made this little blanket for Abraham. It turned out to be very cute, yet sophisticated (for a baby blanket…).

no, abraham is not reading Ibsen (his books are upstairs and i needed a stand in)

The tutorial is easy to follow if you want to make your own. It is basically a blanket with little pockets and loops around the edges. You can place books or whatever in the pockets and link toys to the loops. There are also velcro tabs that you can use to strangle Sophie the Giraffe.

We are traveling by plane to Pensacola in July to see the family, and I thought this would be handy to have to keep his things together. Practical, practical!


PS – I used a baby blanket we had around the house for the back (it’s blue, I forgot to photograph it), 50% off fabric for the front of the blanket, and ribbon I had at home or bought with a coupon from the fabric store. So it was pretty thrifty too!

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