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Up All Night

Oh man.

I love Will Arnett, who I will always think of as GOB from Arrested Development (the funniest show no longer on television).  And I love Maya Rudolph, especially in that movie, Away We Go. And The Blonde Lady is funny too.

They made a TV show about being a parent and working to much. And liking both parenting and working. And being a stay at home parent. And really wanting to go out with your partner and do fun things like drink to much and sing terrible karaoke (ok, David and I wouldn’t do that – we’d eat too many tacos and sing Sacred Harp Music, but you know).

Is it ok that I teared up at the end? I’ll blame it on breastfeeding hormones. This show is not super great, but really hits a nerve.

It reminded me of something a friend from my old congregation told me when I quit my job there. A previous employee, who had recently become a new mother, told him, “Women can have it all, just not at the same time.”

Have you seen the show? What do you think? Can women have it all? What does that even mean “it all”?


4 thoughts on “Up All Night

  1. I really enjoyed it and related quite a bit! I did think the drinking/staying up all night was a bit silly when you have such a young baby. Talk about a BAD IDEA! I love that you are an Arrested Development fan!!! 😀

    • I love love love Arrested Development. At the theatre I worked at in Bethlehem, we passed the DVDs around and then made jokes about the show all day. Buster is my favorite, but some people say I am most like George Michael. We use to sign emails with their character names (oh my, what nerds!).

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