Happy Birthday, Baby

Happy Birthday to Abraham!

So strange to think that last year, at 8:30am, I went to the Doctor’s office for an amniotic fluid index (I was at my due date, and they wanted to check little Raspberry’s stats) and saw Abraham’s little face where his little tush should have been.

My first thought, seeing his head just under my ribs on the ultrasound screen, was “Holy Shit, i’m having twins!” thinking that that baby I was seeing was the surprise up-side down one and the other was head down as my midwife had assured me he was only the week before.

Then Dr. Cammarano verified the actual truth: breech baby.

Me: Crap.

Dr. C: Hmm.

Me: So what do we do? Can we turn him?

Dr. C: No. You don’t have enough amniotic fluid.

Me: Crap. (although secretly happy because version scared the shit out of me)

Dr. C: Ha.

Me: So I get to have a C-section, huh?

Dr. C: Yes. (he is a man of few words, but excellent sword)

Me: When, like next week or something?

Dr. C: Today.

Me: Wow. Ok. Can I call my husband? He is on his way to work in Philadelphia.

Dr. C: Sure, we’ll wait for him.

His super nice surgery-scheduler gave me a 2pm OR slot, plenty of time for David to get there.  I called David, who had just arrived at work. I called my parents to let them know the scoop (I too was breech, so my mom knew the scoop all too well. She was mostly concerned that I was super sad about not having a natural, birth center birth, but at that point, I was ready to have my abdomen back and my baby out.). I called David’s parents so they could drive over to be with us/meet their latest grandchild. Zoe and Nathan were at their mom’s house for the weekend, which meant they wouldn’t get to meet the baby right away, but we wouldn’t have to worry about David splitting himself into two to take care of them and me and the baby.

Some funny things: We were at the tail end of remodeling out kitchen/downstairs, so I went home and told the guys, who I was friendly with after months of work, that I was going to have a baby that afternoon and could they be done in the next couple of days? At least with the messy stuff.

I also had arranged for a woman to come clean the house (post construction + 9 months pregnant = need help cleaning). She came about 30 minutes before I had to be at the hospital (which is 2 blcoks away). She started freaking out that I was about to have a baby. I meanwhile, was pretty calm.

I was pretty calm about the whole thing. I was so excited to meet Abraham and not be pregnant. I was not nervous about surgery, having had some before, and I knew that I’d heal well based on my previous experience. I was also a little relieved that I didn’t have to deal with labor, pooping in front of people, episiotomies, and incontinence. As the midwife who came by to see me the day after said  “there are some perks to having a c-section.”

Now it is later in the night and Abraham (the one year old) is asleep upstairs. This past year has been everything: the best ever and at times, the worst ever. Parenting is hard, and doing anything else while parenting is hard. But I wouldn’t send him back. He is the best baby for me and David, and I am grateful that he chose us to be his family.


9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Baby

  1. Congrats, Vicki on one year of motherhood and Happy Birthday to your sweet baby boy! I enjoyed reading your birth story, thanks for sharing it!

  2. Congratulations. We, too, are celebrating my step-son’s (soon to be, at least) birthday. It’s his fifth. Best, best, best of luck in the next year!

  3. Happy Birthday little Abraham! Thanks for sharing a little bit about your birth story!

    “Parenting is hard, and doing anything else while parenting is hard”-I second that emotion!

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