Cloth Diapers

Over the past year, a few friends have asked about my cloth diapering experience:

I have a few different kinds. I have bum genius one-size, all in ones. One size means that they can fit a (large) newborn to a toddler, adjusting with snaps in the front to fit different sizes. I love that aspect of them, because I don’t have to buy more as Abraham grows. They are easy to change because they are one piece, like disposables. But they take FOREVER to dry. FOREVER. For this reason, I would not recommend using them exclusively. I hang them outside all day in the summer, and in the winter, I usually hang them overnight and then put them in the dryer with a load of other clothes, so I’m not wasting energy.

I also have some bum genius pocket diapers and one happy heinys pocket diaper. I like these a lot. I can stuff the pockets as much or as little as I need to. They all came with pads to put in the pockets to absorb pee, and you can add other pads or other absorbent materials too. I stuff them when the have dried and then they are still easy to deal with for my husband or a babysitter (or me; have you ever wrestled a one year old with a poop?).

I like snaps rather than velcro or aplix to close the diapers. Abraham can undo velcro, and I don’t really want him to change his own diaper (I mean, I do, but I don’t…). šŸ™‚

I didn’t start using cloth until Abraham was 5 months old. I had a C-section and couldn’t keep up with the laundry anyway for a while. Then I was just exhausted. When I was able to keep up with the regular family laundry, I added in the diapers. I wash them every other night, so they don’t stink. I always rinse the poop off right away, but the pee can hang around for a day or two.

I use a disposable at night. With cloth I had to change him throughout the night, which would wake him and make him very sad. I figure cloth isn’t worth it if it stresses us out! I also use disposables when we go visit grandparents or other traveling.

I have some friends who use a little piece of cloth in the diaper as a liner, so they don’t get poop stains. I just hang them in the sun and they bleach out pretty well.

I have a large wet bag to keep the pee diapers in at home and a travel wet bag that comes with me.

I don’t always love dumping poops into the toilets or washing diapers every other night, but to me, it is worth it to keep his little tush in cloth.

Some people manage to make their own diapers or use a cheaper system, but I bought the diapers we have on ebay, which helped keep the cost somewhat lower.

Did I forget anything? Do you use a different system? This works for me, but it is not even close to the only option! Good luck!




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