I had a realization tonight. I think I am an extrovert.

Not the life-of-the-party kind, but the needs-to-be-with-people kind. 

I’m terrified of people but I also really like them. Big groups, no thanks. But small groups, ok. And one-on-one, especially if it is someone I like, yes, please.

I like going up to the cafe to write. In part because I don’t look up and see dishes/toys/cute faces who I want to play and talk with. And in part because if I time it right, my friend-neighbor will be there with her daughter and my work will turn into coffee with a friend. At the very least, I can chat with the barista and sometimes random cafe-goers if the mood strikes. 

What do I do with this realization?


2 thoughts on “Extrovert

  1. Not to pee all over your realization, but I think you can be an introvert and still really love and need to be around other people. From what I’ve read, (and I guess, from my own realizations — being an introvert myself), introverts just need some “alone” time, too — more so than extroverts. And introverts are happier socializing with smaller groups. My sister-in-law & I were talking about introverts/extroverts over the holidays while we were visiting — she’s a definite extrovert. She loves throwing parties and going to parties and being around people all the time (she works in catering — go figure!). She was saying how much my brother and I are alike — we like people, and like meeting/talking to people, but not all the time — we need “alone” time.
    Anyway, so whether you’re actually an extrovert, or an introvert who’s just craving some time chatting & socializing, sounds like what you’re doing (giving yourself some time to spend out and about without kids — I’m assuming) is a good start!
    Wish I lived LOTS closer!

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