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Abraham busted his lip for the first time. He’s had skinned knees and assorted bruises, but today there was blood (only a little) and tears (many). He only runs from place to place, which means that busted lips are bound to happen.

I keep thinking about writing a post like “How to Fly with a Toddler” or “How To Avoid Tantrums (Most of the Time)” but I don’t think I need to. There are tons of bloggers doing that well already, and I don’t know that my readership (small, but mighty!) is looking for that. I don’t know that I want to be an “expert” about toddler-ness.

Which makes me think: why do I have this blog? What do I want to say publicly, to friends, family, and a few strangers?

I’m sort of a blogging toddler. I have been writing for about 2 years (ish), off and on. I used to keep a private journal. I kept a blog when I went to Thailand. Now I sort of bumble along, bumping into ideas, busting my lip when I post something possibly inappropriate, pointing out what makes me laugh or cry. Like a toddler, I want your attention and your feedback. Like a toddler, I want to know that you are there beside me, even if I’m just exploring for myself.

I don’t really have an agenda. It’s just a little space to play.

Why do you blog? Why don’t you blog? Let’s have a chat in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Toddlers

  1. I blog because I like expressing to world around me…it’s kinda like your blog partially artistic partially personal 🙂

  2. I ask myself that question a lot. Partially I blog because it’s a record of my life, partially I blog to connect with friends old and new, and partially it’s because I feel like some of my posts really do help people – whether to share information or just to feel common joy or pain. Sometimes I think I should just give the whole thing up but I don’t. Partially it’s a hobby. I guess it’s a lot of things.

  3. Well, my blog is five, so we’re in kindergarten, which makes me feel better about not always coloring inside the lines…I blog because I need an outlet to write, and because I enjoy the conversation. Like everything in my life, it’s about relationships – in this case, my relationships with myself, my erstwhile co-bloggers (who are still beloved friends) and other bloggers and commenters.

  4. i blog to get it out, everything i am feeling and thinking, things that i don’t think i should be feeling and thinking, things that make me think i am a inadequate mom, it helps to connect with other people who feel the same way you do.

  5. All of your comments make me think about why I make art/theater and about something I read in a book by director Anne Bogart. She said the production that set her on her (very successful) path was one she created for herself and her friends. Not for critics. Not for producers. Really, for herself. Which is basically why we are all blogging.

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