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Abraham busted his lip for the first time. He’s had skinned knees and assorted bruises, but today there was blood (only a little) and tears (many). He only runs from place to place, which means that busted lips are bound to happen. I keep thinking about writing a post like “How to Fly with a … Continue reading



My stepdaughter thinks we are weird. We = her dad and me. Mostly him, because he was at the school, doing a science demo in her brother’s class, and he stopped by her lunch period to sit with her. With his guitar. His presence there was clearly the Worst Thing Ever. She literally kicked him … Continue reading



I am many things these days: Mom, Wife, Step Mom, Chief Cook and Bottle Washer, Actor, Theatre Teacher, etc. I am also a playwright. I wear this title hesitantly. Calling oneself a writer of any kind is a big deal, and I’m still developing my skillz. It is not “playwrite” nor “playright” but “playWRIGHT.” One who puts … Continue reading



Abraham is 12 months old. Until tomorrow. Here are 12 things I don’t want to forget about him (inspired by Sandra Boynton’s Little Pookie) He wakes with a smile. Immediately, he wants to look out the window, play with the alarm clock and cordless phone, and, if I’m lucky, snuggle. He likes to feed himself. … Continue reading