I just read an article that, with some alterations of name and location, I feel like I could have written. It is called MWF seeks BFF. Girl moves to a new city for Boy. They Get Married. She feels like she has no friends there. Sigh. I so not mean this as offense to any … Continue reading


Just Ask

Important lesson learned: People loved to be asked to help, to volunteer, to contribute. Kids loves to volunteer to pass out papers, to write on the board, to collect papers, to hold the door, to help another kid. Few that I’ve met have the initiative to offer help (maybe this is a developmental milestone hit … Continue reading

family / myself


I remember learning about Brecht in college Theatre History class. I loved how Brecht told stories and I loved this word: Verfremdungseffekt. Mistranslated as the Alienation Effect, I prefer the concept of distancing to alienating. It describes the way you feel when you are watching the play and suddenly the scene shifts and the character … Continue reading


Wide World

This article, from a favorite NY Times Blog, Motherlode, moved me to tears. I am on a precipice, between doing what I want all the time and full-time parenthood, between youth and maturity, between changing the world and being someone’s world. I read this article of a young woman who travels the world and settles … Continue reading