Sh*t my mom says

My mom is visiting. We are sitting up, I’m “working” and she is flipping through Dance Magazine. I pull out some Halavah from the fridge for munchies/dessert (moms get 2 desserts). She has some, loves it, damns me for introducing it to her. Then she remembers another delicious treat she once had in Reading (of … Continue reading

family / myself


Last summer, my grandfather passed away. My sister, mom, and I drove out to Michigan, meeting my Dad who flew, to be with my grandmother and other family during the funeral and Shiva. Now my grandmother, Leah Haller, has passed away too. My Dad went to visit her last week, and I’ve been wearing the … Continue reading

baby / family / myself


Abraham was recently pictured on Natural Parents’ Network on their Wordless Wednesdays feature about food. After he was pictured and I shared the link with my family and friends, I wondered to myself if I am actually a natural parent. What does that really mean? There is a long list of what it means to … Continue reading